African Folktales Project


An open dialogue on indigenous knowledge found in stories that promote sustainable development

Welcome to The African Folktales Project (AFP), a rich resource of indigenous wisdom and knowledge passed down as stories from the first human civilizations in Africa to the present. The AFP is founded on the notion that we are all ancestors of the future and the custodians of knowledge vital to our continued co-existence with our natural world. This project is a continuous dialogue about how the individual choices that we make today will impact the survival of tomorrow's civilizations on our shared planet. Through a careful selection of courses on offer, we provide access to a digital curriculum of African Indigenous Knowledge Education that is carefully designed to provide holistic solutions to the challenges of achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs). We use oral storytelling as the pedagogical approach to passing down this knowledge. The AFP folktales have been re-invented to inspire all learners and educators to re-imagine a future where all citizens of the world work together to promote sustainable development and protect our natural landscapes.  


"African indigenous knowledge has weathered all storms, taking refuge in the villages, in the forests, and in the spirit of generations ..." (Amilcar Cabral)