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The AFP promotes storytelling as a pedagogical approach to learning and communicating what past civilizations have known all along- that their scientific discoveries about biodiversity, their knowledge about community development and their ways of continually adapting to changes in climate and environment leave a zero carbon footprint in their wake.  

We are a growing bank of stories that promote sustainable development, collected from indigenous communities in Africa. These stories have been adapted and packaged into online courses that can be accessed by educators and learners anywhere in the world. 

These stories are intended to encourage learners to adopt environmental conservation into their daily lives by cultivating ways to listen to what the earth is demanding of its citizens. In so doing, learners are able to form bonds of solidarity with the original custodians of the earth.


The AFP envisions a future generation of environmental citizens who will be fully equipped with the essential knowledge required to live in harmony with the natural world.


It is our mission to inspire the next generation of storytellers to continue passing down these practices, knowledge and wisdom, to ensure the continued protection of our shared planet. 

The AFP is inspired by a story about a hummingbird retold by Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (Kenya), who started a movement of planting a green belt across Kenya, one tree seedling at a time.


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